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On this podcast we talk all things Caribbean, we embrace the island life and discuss all the baggage that comes with it. Taking a deeper insight behind our local culture and society

The show is hosted by Gerrard Joseph, a Bachelor in Digital Media Arts with a specialization in Music Technology, Music teacher and assistant Geriatric nurse. Shelby Outar a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, Theatre in Education member, Community Outreach Drama with Arts-In-Action, Member of the company of actors for NDATT’s Playright’s workshop and member of A Group of Artists. Kyle Roberts a entrepreneur, voice actor, avid sports enthusiast and Anime lover. Avin Dean (Sometimes depending on mood) a self taught visual artist, community advocate and philanthropist.

The four of us are long time friends and class mates, who love having insightful conversations about life, culture, society and entertainment. While having a lighthearted yet mindful approach when covering topics. Major shout out to our good friend and one of our benefactors Isaiah Desormeaux.

We also want to show love to some of our friends who helped us out along the way, who have gone onto other projects: Mikhail Gibbings, Justin McGuirk, Ananais Wilson, Daneyel Sue, Michael Joseph and Ana-Lisa Jack.

Tha tribe was formed back in late 2019 when Avin came up with the idea after being inspired by another local podcast by the name of Recess: Creative Convos. After his exposure to podcasts, he was intrigued by the medium and the potential it had to tell stories and share experiences. With that in mind he reached out to a close friend Gerrard, the duo then spearheaded the planning for the future of the organisation.

We spent countless nights of toiling and turning in the mud trying to figure out this podcasting thing. Staying up late at Avin’s apartment (Which would later become Tha Tribe’s base of operations.) setting up equipment, making sure the audio and our speech was ready for launch. Not too long afterwards the rest of the tribe was recruited and we eventually launched the podcast in January 2020.

Those late nights were worth it, as in 2020 Tha Culture Tribe Podcast ranked #1 within Trinidad & Tobago in the Society & Culture genre.



All artwork is done by VinnieBwoy . From thumbnails to episode illustrations.

Tha Culture Tribe Podcast

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