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Episode #33 – Can Men & Women Be Friends? [Transcript]

[INTRO MUSIC] – Soundtrack by Gerrard Tha One

Gerrard: Tha Culture Tribe is back! I am Gerrard Tha One.

Shelby: And I am Shelby Outar and Bad.

Gerrard: Avin in the corner.

Avin: VinnieBwoy in the corner.

Gerrard: Right, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gerrard: Guys! Vinnie you want to start us?

Vinnie: Aight

Shelby: Controversey, Shelby is alone with two men.

Vinnie: Can men? Can men? and women?


Vinnie: Pause! Pause!

Shelby: Controversey!


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